Dedicated to Keeping Your Business Running

Founded in 1997, Canon Capital Technologies is a comprehensive technology solution provider serving small businesses in Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Over 20+ years we have developed a process that provides business owners with “Peace of Mind” - they rest easier knowing their companies are protected from the threats today’s digital environment creates. We take the time to understand the unique needs of their business, develop a comprehensive plan to protect those areas and work directly with them to create and implement policies and procedures which detect threats, and, if the unthinkable happens, ensure they are prepared to recover from disasters whether small or large.

Here’s why so many small business owners depend on Canon Capital Technologies for complete IT services and support:

  • High Data Availability– We understand that it has become impossible for you to operate without constant access to your customer, vendor, and financial information. Our top priority is to protect that information, so it is available whenever you need it.
  • Custom Solutions– No two small businesses are the same. Even within the same industry each business owner runs their operation differently. That is why the first thing we do is evaluate your business needs to develop a custom solution that works for you. This may include recommendations for additional components which provide higher levels of efficiency and security.
  • A Partner, Not a Vendor – We’re not here to just sell you more stuff.  At Canon Capital, we come along side you as a trusted partner and we offer information, so you can make educated decisions.  We take the time to understand the trends in your industry, so you can stay on top of the technology needed to successfully provide your customers with the products and services they expect from you.